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A binary release is simply a fully packaged version of GeoQO with all the needed software prerequistes bundled with it. It is the easiest and fastest to get up and running.


Steps Required

  1. Grab the geoqo-linux file from the download repository
  2. Make it executable (see below)
  3. Run it!

Note: The first time you run it, geoqo will need to unpack a bunch of files and it make take up to 30 seconds to launch!

Making the download executable

When you download the geoqo-linux binary it will not be something you can run just by clicking on it (this is for your safety to prevent you from downloading malicious programs).

Making it executable in a shell

If you like working with a command line:

# cd Desktop                        (or wherever you saved it)
# chmod a+x geoqo-linux

Making it executable from the Desktop

The below assumes you saved geoqo-linux to the Desktop. If you saved it to a folder, the procedure will still be similar but the screenshots won't be quite the same. These screenshots are taken from the default Ubuntu desktop which makes use of the Gnome Desktop environment. Your menus may look different, especially if you're using the KDE desktop (screenshots for that needed).

Step 1: Right click on the geoqo-linux icon and select the properties menu item:


Step 2: When the properties dialog box comes up, use the permissions tab to make it executable using the checkbox near the bottom (shown here in a pink oval).


Step 3: Double click on the geoqo-linux icon to run it! See the Tutorial for more information on using geoqo.

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