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Installing the prerequisites


and follow the instructions. You will likely need to re-run it multiple times.

Some packages handled by yum/RPMs

On Fedora Core 6, these packages may be useful: sqlite2, perl-DBD-SQLite2, perl-XML-Simple, perl-Class-DBI, perl-IO-String, and perl-XML-Parser. To install all of them run (as root):

 sudo yum install sqlite2 perl-DBD-SQLite2 perl-XML-Simple perl-Class-DBI perl-XML-Parser perl-IO-String

If you want to use the GUI support run both:

 sudo yum install perl-Gtk2 perl-GD perl-chart
 sudo perl -MCPAN -e "install QWizard"

TODO: discuss other RPMs that solve more prereqs?

Installing GeoQO itself

Run the following commands:

 perl Makefile.PL

And as root run:

 make install
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