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Once you have found caches, you can tag and rate them. To do this follow these steps:

A: Setup your geoqo tagging server account

  1. Go to http://tagserver.geoqo.org/ and set up an account if you want to publish you tags/ratings and retrieve other people's.

B: Import your found caches into geoqo

1. Get a "My Finds Pocket Query" that you get from the last button on the pocket query page at geocaching.com.

2. Import it into geoqo either using the command line or the GUI's "Import Waypoints":

 > geoqo -i FILE.zip

C: Tag and Rate your found caches

1. Run GeoQO and click on the Tag and Rate Found Caches Button


2. Fill in the preference options. We suggest doing 10 at a time or so. The next time, you can tag/rate the next 10 caches. Don't ask for more than you're planning on completing.


3. Click Next (this step may take a second as it searches through your database for found caches), and enter the tags and rating names you want to use 4. Click Next and begin tagging and rating your caches.

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