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Steps used to release a new version. You know, in case I fall off a cliff while geocaching:

  1. Setup:
    1. change version numbers in the files
      • find . -name \*.pm | grep -v VERSION | xargs perl -i -p -e "s/VERSION = '0\.3/VERSION = '0.4/"
      • perl -i -p -e "s/VERSION = '0\.3/VERSION = '0.4/" geoqo
    2. ensure makedocs and geodb/html/Makefile contains proper list of module names
      • New plugins may need to be added to the lists
    3. Run ./makedocs
    4. Run "make", "make coversclean" and "make covers" in geoqo/html/
      • checkout requires geoqo source to be in ../geoqo
    5. Run "make test" and check for errors
    6. Update the NEWS file
  2. Release:
    1. svn copy
    2. svn export geoqo-0.4
    3. tar czf geoqo-0.4.tar.gz geoqo-0.4
    4. zip -r geoqo-0.4
    5. ncftpput geoqo-0.4
    6. add release files using admin interface
  3. Advertise:
    1. sourceforge news system
      • web site auto updated
    3. topic on #geoqo
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