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If you want to work on something on this list, put your name by it so more than one person doesn't conflict ;-)

  • Import Plugins
    • create (new waypoint from params)
  • Search Plugins
    • radius
    • square
  • Modify Plugins
    • Distance plugin: needs a from= parameter for distance from an existing waypoint
    • Auto-predict
      • From a project Wes started ages ago
      • code about 90% and needs porting to geoqo
  • Export Plugins
  • Script File work
    •  %if %else %xxx
    • mem: like support
  • Everywhere Plugin
    • load data from a defined common-tasks distributed list with the code base
      • (load order: personal mem: definitions, then distributed)
  • Data Type Classes
  • Display Plugins
  • GUI Support
    • Details in Wes' head...
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