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I am, as you will see, truly insane. Warning: I'm not sure if this condition is contagious. It may be. We'll find out together.


My requirements (or: why I do this)

Much of what I need was actually the reason I started creating geoqo in the first place. I wanted to do things I doubt anything could handle (and if it did, I'm sure it didn't run natively on linux which I use the most).

Output Places

One of the issues is that I have multiple places where my caching data goes to:

  • My Garmin Etrex Vista (B/W)
    • limit of 1000 waypoints (ARG!!!)
    • I don't want anything in it but geocaches because of the limited memory size
  • My TomTom Palm Application
    • this requires each Point of Interest to be in individual files
    • I have a lot of memory in this, so I want everything in it (including waymarking data points)
  • My CacheMate database
    • This needs everything but I separate out different regions into different files
  • My GeoNiche program
    • I rarely use it, but when I'm with people without a GPS I do.
    • Also can take everything on my palm card, but I do it in different regions to keep the "current" memory footprint small.

Input Sources

  • geocaches
  • extra waypoints for geocaches (parking, trail heads, multi-steps)
  • waymarking (wifi hot spots alone is worth it)
  • geodining? (soon)
  • my own data points (home, etc)

My description breakdown

First, my search criteria

My pocket queries are already named, so I use those names to search by using geoqo's Sets that are automatically given to you when you import a gpx file. The extra waypoint data (E.G. parking) are also in a set.

But, I don't want puzzles I haven't solved.

So first, I have a mem: definition for standard search criteria I use when about to export stuff to all my devices:

 # only
 #   anything that isn't a geocache
 #   or the subtype is not "Unknown"  (IE, exclude puzzles)
 #   or the puzn (north puzzle answer) attribute is set:
 #   or unless the "infield" attribute is set
 # or anything that isn't a geocache
 # but restrict the above results to exclude events
 #   XXX: need to fix this actually; I do want them in my palm
 # exclude things that I've found (marked with the found attribute)
 #  found=- means the attribute doesn't exist
 #  found=0 means it exists, but is 0 (so I've explicitly marked it not found)

That file is placed in $HOME/.geoqo/mem/search/stdfilter.

Then I can use that when doing more specific types of searches. For example, I have a "set1" mem: definition as well that calls the above definition:

 (set:import:%[set1/near me]
 ||set:import:%[set1/near me]:waypoints
 ||set:import:%[set1/near me]:waymark1
 ||set:import:%[set1/near me]:waymark2
 ||set:import:%[set1/near me]:waymark3

(when I import a waymarking .loc, I specifically set the name to a normal set name but with :waymark1 (...) on the end)

Finally with all of the above in place, I can do this:

 geoqo -s mem:set1,set1=hawaii

to get all the caches (and waymarks) in hawaii matching my search requirements into my search results.

Second, my export process

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