My 10 years of geocaching!

On December 26, 2010, I found my first geocache, a few days after re-discovering this hobby with EricZolf… and 5 years after finding my first cache without having an account on, with my friend Andras, exactly on September 4, 2005 at the castle of Dampierre  . Since then, this hobby has become, as for others, a passion, which allows me to combine travel, sports activities and various discoveries! And of course many nice meetings with geocachers from all over France and abroad… I will not mention them for fear of forgetting, but some have become friends, friends… In short, 10 exciting years! I tried to make a list of my favorite caches and places, of course there were so many that I necessarily forget, but it remains a very pleasant exercise to immerse yourself in these good memories. Let’s go!

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My favorite caches

Wherigo: Walking Dead GC5FJ75

This Berlin wherigo is really well scripted and plunged me back into the universe of the series! Atmosphere, zombies, disturbing characters, and “mobile zones” make this wherigo a must! And even in the end, whether you win or lose, a suprise…

Night Cache: A magical night in the Briéron marsh GC45VN4

I haven’t done many night caches but this one will indeed remain quite magical! A well-thought-out staging, humor and a final mechanism that leaves you dreaming…

Mystery: Mystery Game #6 Memory GC6PEDK

Diabolical and extremely well-constructed mysteries, I have plenty of memories, especially those of my Parisian friends who have a blast inventing new puzzles (Al-Cab’s braces for example), but I had to choose and it is finally a collaborative cache that I retained! From Surfoo obviously, “sir” Collaborative, and when it takes several dozen to get the coordinates, it quickly becomes great. The Memory, we know well but it took a flawless organization to get there!

Webcam: London – Beatles Abbey Road GC6F12

Already, it’s an old cache from 2002, very good for the Jasmer Challenge, but in addition it is located on a cult place, and when you go there, you will probably see people crossing at the pedestrian crossing like on the famous Beatles album cover!