General questions

What is the common vocabulary and acronyms to know?

MPLC: Thanks for the cache

FTF: First To Find

DNF: Did Not Find

GC Code: identifier of a cache starting with GC…

Muggles: people unfamiliar with geocaching

Pocket Query: Query on to retrieve a cache file that meets the desired criteria

TB: Travel Bug

Spoiler: Image that explicitly shows where the cache is to help the player, but can spoil the fun of discovery

Guidelines: Rules of the game that you can read here

What does geocaching mean? Where does this word come from?

The game was first called “GPS Stash Hunt”, then the pioneers (including Dave Ulmer), moved to “GeoStashing”, then finally “Geocaching”. The action of hiding something with geo-location!

Can a basic member put favorite points on caches?

No, only available in premium.

What is a Lab Cache?

A Lab cache is a special cache that can be seen especially at Mega-Events. A particular form of these Lab Caches are the Adventure Lab Caches, available to a number of people now. These are simplified wherigo, a kind of interactive multi-cache where at each step, you have to answer a question. These Adventure Labs are played with a special app to download.

How do I place a geocache?

Before installing a geocache, it is first advisable to have found a few dozen, in order to have a little experience on the good and bad to do. Then, just go to the cache creation page, follow the tutorials and instructions. Remember that a cache must already be physically placed when you request publication!

Which is better, geocaching or cistus? How to recognize boxes?

The 2 games are quite different! Geocaches come in various types, traditional, multi-cache, mysterious, etc. The site is run by a company and of good quality, the advanced functions are paid, the caches are reviewed by volunteers. The cists are only puzzles to guess, no need for GPS to find the box (only the riddle gives the location), the site is totally free but very bare and not very ergonomic, there is no reviewing. To recognize a geocache or a cistus (they are sometimes placed in the same places), you have to look at the box and the lobgook if it says “geocaching” or the GC code of the cache “GCxxx”, or “on the trail of the Cists”.

How to geocaching without GPS?

Your smartphone is more than enough to geolocate you and look for boxes! If you do not have a smartphone, it is more complicated but it is still possible with a very accurate map and have noted beforehand the position, the hint and the spoiler.