Pics de Combeynot : Topo des itinéraires à ski de rando des Faces N et NW -  Camptocamp.org

Geocaching makes it possible to combine hiking and the search for treasures, we can call it rando-caching! These hikes proposed by local players can take along a country route, in a forest or on top of mountains. You will find here hikes that I was able to do in France or abroad, usually with physical effort and in beautiful landscapes

Randocaches in the Ecrins

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I wrote an article on this blog! Other occupations took up a little more space, but today I wanted to see some pictures of the Alps in summer 🙂 . After walking in the Queyras, it is in the south of the Ecrins that I take you.

Just 10 years since I came for the first time to geocaching in Queyras! Back on other summits of this massif a little away from the major alpine tourist destinations. We will just have to manage the unstable weather this week, but the discoveries will have once again been very beautiful!