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This site has been designed to allow us to visualize, on various maps, the “Geocaching caches in France”. Throughout the pages you will find several search possibilities as well as information and statistics relating to our hobby.

Good navigation and good Geocaching. Geocachers Meetings
From time to time, local geocachers or geocaching groups offer an event at a specific place and for a fixed period of time, allowing them to meet, discuss and often practice this hobby together throughout a day.

trees Geocaching is a hobby, among other things, that offers us the opportunity to browse our countryside and beautiful forests. Let us find in this cartography these masterpieces of nature that are the Remarkable Trees.

Trees Tof Geocaching An excellent blog on Geocaching, sharing experience between geocachers and randocaching, geocaches in France and elsewhere, c:geo, Locus, hardware.

Two utilities developed by the Geocacher Surfoo, easy to use but nevertheless very powerful. The first, GpxViewer, allows you to view a Gpx file on Google Map by simply dragging and dropping.
As for the second, GeoRoadBook, it offers the possibility of creating RoadBooks in a very user-friendly way.

Through the search for caches, Geocaching sometimes leads us to walk in forest massifs or off the beaten track. In summer, and more particularly in the south of the France, the risk of fire is unfortunately omnipresent.