Larrun / La Rhune (GC31DVH)

File:Train de la Rhune - gare sommet 2.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

La Rhune is a well-known peak with its little train, close to the coast of the French Basque country, located right on the border. The hike starts from the Labourd to climb quite dry to the top. Heavy rain that day (no luck), only a few caches of Peyo64 and the late Loango will be found during the hike… Even the caches at the top, like those of Gilles64, will not be housed because of the weather 😦 But the landscape and the climb remain magnificent!

Zaburu Summit (GC5R26F)

File:At Mt McKinley Summit.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

The Zaburu is a small peak at 780m, lost between other mountains, Adarra, Onddo … It was a small challenge to go and steal a cache that had not been found for almost 2 years 🙂 But above all, the walk was really pleasant, with the snow still present, a menhir planted in the middle of nowhere, and some horses that were drooling not far from there…

San Sebastian – Pasaia Coastal Path (GC5D4MK)

Camino de Santiago Days 1-6 (Del Norte)

A very nice coastal walk to momentarily leave the heavy snowfall in the interior of the country in this month of March, some caches, superb views … and a surprising arrival on Pasaia and its huge cargo ships that come and go to the port (delivery of cars among others apparently…)!