Geocache Guidelines

Natural tourism in Slovakia

Respect local laws

It is subject to all regional legislation and land use regulations. This relates to both the geocache’s location and the route that must be taken to get there. Placement of caches should not necessitate or promote trespassing or passing markings that prevent access.

Get approval

You confirm that you have all required permits from the landlord or property managers to conceal your geocache at that site by submitting a cache page.

Even though it’s not against the law, a cache may be blocked or archived if we get complaints or learn that it’s in the wrong place.


  • If the property is public, the organization or group that oversees it must grant you permission. It is your responsibility as the cache owner to decide who to ask for permission from.
  • Even if you’re positive that geocaching is allowed on a certain piece of public property, be sure you adhere to any rules set forth by the landowner or land management organization before you erect the cache.
  • Community volunteer reviewers may add geocache placement rules for a specific area to the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki as they become aware of them.
  • Private
  • For the benefit of reviewers and anyone looking for the geocache, note on the cache page if you have permission to set a geocache on private property. A community volunteer may ask you to provide contact information of the person giving permission.