Pick a container carefully.

Geocache,geocaching,cache,small,logbook - free image from needpix.com

The logbook must be kept in the container. Waterproof packaging is ideal.

When feasible, abide by the following advice to prevent confusion or suspicion if your cache is discovered by a non-geocacher:

  • Mark your box as a geocache.
  • Pick a clear container to demonstrate that the contents are safe.

“Instructions for finders” should be included.

  • If the container contains military markings, cover or remove them permanently.
  • Do not place containers that could be mistaken for bombs or other harmful goods.

Geocache materials must contain a logbook.

There must be a logbook for geocachers to record their visit at every physical cache. The logbook needs to be: physical; replaceable; simple to sign; and contained within a container.

Notebook and paper scroll, as examples.