How To Detect and Keep Termites Out of Your Home

group of termite wood eater

The Termite Troop is just a representation of the different species that exist and is willing to devastate your property by devouring the wood they find in their path.

It is true what many experts say: that the usual symptoms of a termite infestation are only detected when they are already severe. That’s why conducting an annual inspection by an expert company will help protect you against any potential termite damage.

Termite Inspection

A Home termite inspection involves looking for common signs that termites leave behind. For the untrained eye to investigate these termite signals can be very difficult.

Termites are very cunning creatures. They can often be active, nibbling on their way, to the food gold mine that is your home, for a long time without being noticed. There have been reports of termites living inside a house for nearly 30 years undetected!

When it comes to detecting if you have termites in your home, the best option is to always seek professional help. A termite inspection by a trained technician will know exactly where to look for these wood-eating pests and provide you with the best termite treatment options.

Tips for DIY termite prevention:

  • Keep wood away from home: Just like when storing firewood in your garden. Be sure to keep it away from your home. You don’t want termites to reach the food paradise for them: your home.
  • Remove old tree trunks: The old tree trunks not only provide a delicious wooden shelter, but also an excellent nesting area for drywood termites. Removing old logs can help protect you against termites. The same goes for branches.
  • Repair damaged roofs: Broken shingles provide termites with easy access to your home. Ensuring that all shingles that are broken or damaged are replaced can help keep termites out of your home.
  • Air conditioning: Air conditioning can save your life, especially in the summer months. But the moisture it produces acts as a huge magnet for termites. Make sure the release of moisture is pointing away from the foundation of your home.
  • Repair of cracks in the foundation: Like damaged shingles, cracks in your home’s foundation provide a gateway for termites. Be sure to repair damage to the foundation and/or walls of your home.
  • Leaks in pipes: As discussed above when it comes to air conditioning, termites love wet areas! Regularly check for any of your pipes, both inside and out, for leaks or damage and repair them if necessary to keep termites at bay.

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